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Wine Barrel

As the burgeoning wine industry in Oklahoma continues to flourish, the decor and trappings of viticulture are sure to follow. Decorations of corks and bottles pour out of every Pinterest page and Etsy shop. Chalkboards with wine-related quotes adorn many kitchen walls. However, few items capture the imagination and beckon the DIYer like an empty wine barrel. Often made from American or French oak, these barrels are sturdy enough to become furniture and, due to the food-grade treatment of the inside, safe enough to be used as a serving tray. Amazing transformations can allow wine barrels to hold anything from fire to ice, but remember, even if you're not the DIY type you can buy many of these items, including just an empty barrel, online from our website. Keep in mind each barrel is wonderfully unique. Barrel heads, wine staining, age, and use all conspire to ensure that no two are alike. 

The Average Wine Barrel is Typically:

> Made of Oak
> 37" in Height
> 27" Diameter at Center
> 22" Bottom/Top Diameter
> Smell Richly of Wine!

Shipping Info

Ships to US only. Typically leaves warehouse in 2-7 business days. Free pick-up available at store location.

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